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Would you like to read the Bible in the original language? 

Are you interested to know how understanding key Hebrew words could deepen your understanding of God and the Scriptures? 

Would you like to be able to speak Hebrew on your next trip to Israel? 

Are you looking for an engaging foreign language choice for your home-educated children? 

Learn Hebrew with 'Explore Hebrew'!


I have been teaching Hebrew since 2009, and have seen hundreds of happy students learn to read, speak and understand Hebrew through the unique program I have developed. 


I run the Hebrew courses in 8 week "terms" taught on Zoom. After the initial 8 weeks, students can choose to continue onto a second 8 week term if they would like. It is not necessary to purchase any textbooks for at least the first two terms, as I use a combination of materials I have written and free online resources. 


I send out an email before each session with a short video or two to watch in preparation, and then an email after each session with homework/review recommendations for the week. Homework averages 1-2 hours per week, although that can be adjusted according to the preferences of the student(s). I am happy to adapt the lessons to your interests and preferred pace. (For example, we could study a portion of Scripture as part of our lesson each time, or mainly focus on reading or speaking, etc.) I would love to help you achieve your Hebrew goals! 


The materials I teach are suitable both for those interested in Biblical and/or Modern Hebrew, though I'm happy to focus on one or the other if you prefer. We will develop reading, writing, listening and speaking skills - with Biblical word studies and interesting facts about Israel added in along the way! We memorise Genesis 1:1 in Hebrew and use it as a framework for learning the parts of speech.

Begin the fascinating and fun journey into the Hebrew language today!

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